On Fundraising…

‘Creating a culture of giving.

Strengthening our community’.

Here are some words from Lizzie Rothschild, bursary fund founder, about the reciprocal benefits of fundraising for WiP and a call to our community:

“I want to thank again all those who have already stepped up in so many ways for all they have done. And I want to say that this fundraising seems to be about so many things. Yes, we enable more women to participate in the initiation and this will be even more important as times get tougher economically and we have to charge more for WIP. So this alone is vital work. But I hear again and again what other benefits come. Facing fears of the challenge you set yourself – be it organising something – asking for money, making your voice heard in a planning group, delivering on time. Whatever your challenge is it will come to you in the context of this community that has ways of holding the shadows that emerge, and can welcome all parts of you emerging. That doesn’t mean it is all easy but it is a growing, opening process. Energy gets raised too as women come together, witness each other breaking new ground, relying on each other or just simply enjoying being together and feeling each others support.

I also just want to really emphasise we are not just looking for the big, dramatic actions. They are great and fun and involve lots of people. But it can be small. Sell a picture you’ve done, sell some plants or fruit n veg, do a kind of tea party where people you know come but pay a little for. Fast for a day and give us the money you would have spent on food. Have all your hair cut off, dye it all the colours of the rainbow. We welcome £5 just as much as £500 because we know it means you have been connecting to Women in Power, talking about it, putting some energy our way.

Looking forward so much to connecting with you over the year.”