Wolf Run

We Did It – Wolf Run 2015 Success!

HUGE congratulations to this years Wolf Run Pack: Gemma Tracey, Kate John, Zannah Palmer, Ellie John and Agnes Ashbell who completed the 10k wild run and raised over £1200 for the bursary fund. Another HUGE thankyou to all of you who donated and supported the team.

Here’s Gemma’s blog summing up the experience:

“I emerged from my tent on the morning of the Wolf Run to the crackle of firewood and the sight of smoke rising into the blue morning sky. Even better, a fresh pot of coffee was sitting by the fire. Our Wolf Run pack assembled round the fire to enjoy a hearty breakfast and share our hopes and worries for the day. Before long it was time to bundle ourselves into the cars and head to the race. Nerves were running high but thankfully we had a great group of supporters to cheer us on. Before we set off Lizzie Rothschild brought us together in a huddle and reminded us that by raising money for the bursary fund we were supporting other women, and that in turn women were supporting and encouraging us as we ran. It felt really good to take a moment amid the nerves, noise and other runners to remember why we were running and to feel the community around us.

And then we were off. We scrambled over piles of tractor tyres, we climbed over bales, we hoisted ourselves up and over walls and nets and logs. We ran through woodland and over fields. We waded through multiple piles of mud. We swam across a lake and threw ourselves down a waterslide.

As we made our way through the course we cheered each other on and made each other laugh. We also encouraged and supported each other as we faced our own challenges at different parts of the course. For me one of the difficult moments was swimming across the lake: I struggled to catch my breath after entering the water. The other women were fantastic – waiting with me, helping me to calm my breath and then swimming around me to shelter me from the splashes of other swimmers. I know I couldn’t have done it without my fellow Wolf Run women, and nor would I have wanted to – it was such a beautiful autumn day and I think each of us felt happy and strong to be running together through the countryside.

It was great fun to reach the end of the course and have our band of merry supporters cheer us on as we completed the final obstacles and jumped into one last pile of mud. Then it was time to hose ourselves down before heading off for a well earned feast at the pub.

Thank you to all those who supported us with your donations, cheers, and messages of support. We howled our way round the course for you and with you. And a special thank you to Eleanor for inspiring us by organising last year’s Wolf Run, and for all her support before and after the run … especially for brewing that aforementioned pot of coffee.

You can check out photos from our run here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127634452@N07/albums/72157657884754970/with/21025513369/

And if you love our muddiness so much that you want to sponsor us, then just hit the DONATE button at the top of the page!”