Thoughtful threads, Wonderful webs

Welcome women! Welcome to our wonderful new website, and to our blossoming community portal.

My name is Jodi, and my animal name is The Dark Sea. And now I joyfully hold another title: Tribe Weaver.

Women in Power is my tribe. I felt it for the first time when my sister placed the wolf necklace over my head in the realm of the goddess. When I got home from my initiation I felt as if I had wings. Beautiful wings, powerful claws, and a tribe of women at my back.

Some things in my life began to change. I felt more able to step into my power, to use my predator energy creatively, and to continue building the life I dreamed of. Other things were not so quick to shift. As time went on, I started to feel more distant from my sisters.

In my first year of initiation I was blessed to attend the annual WiP Summer Gathering – at first it was awkward, and I felt hugely out of place (and I definitely wasn’t the only one!). After a couple of days of the most beautiful, loving holding by my sisters, I was able to gently let go of that unhealthy predator energy, and let them in. My tribe.

Perhaps you too feel that this is your tribe. Maybe you felt it during your initiation, or the last time you saw your sisters, and you don’t feel it so strongly now. Perhaps you haven’t felt it at all yet.

Whether you initiated this year, last year, or many years ago, I want you to feel your sisters at your back, always. Initiations, staffing, gatherings, r-calls, newsletters… these are the threads of our tribe, and some of our best opportunities for connection and support. This blog will weave these threads together, so that sisters may come here to land, and feel the pulse of the community. It is my dear hope that it will be a launch pad for deeper connection, another way for those who seek it.

This amazing community is co-created and held by some pretty incredible women (you included!). Some of these women have taken on specific roles, working together in teams (core groups), that help the community to keep growing, learning and developing. These teams are:

• Gatherings
• Directors
• Bursaries
• Dens
• Honk! Newsletter
• Registration
• Staffing
• Webweavers
• Diversity

The Webweaver team of myself, Aisha, Abbi and Eleanor will be supporting our big vibrant community to be visible online and present in each other’s hearts, minds and pockets. Every month women from each of the teams will be using this blog to keep us updated on what they are doing, and what we can look forward to.

In joyful anticipation of connection! With gratitude and love.

The Dark Sea
Tribe Weaver