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from Aisha

Making the invisible visible. Now there’s a challenge. What would it be like if we showed up in the world and shared our presence as women in power in the UK? It was a question of joining up all the things we knew and hoped would be and making it happen. We had been well housed in the American website but inevitably we wanted to grow up, leave home and move on and strike out our own path. It’s not only everyday to have a web presence but it’s become essential to legitimize and authenticate the existence of things in the real world. I can see you and touch you but can I feel you online?

The unknown was how to formulate a narrative about what we do and the vision of our work without revealing all the treasure. To cut a door so that women could feel into whether this initiation was for them. But also it was for us. It was to feel the beating heart of the community, to meet the people that make it happen and to light a path to get involved. I believe we have done just that. We’ve drawn a path to feel the rawness of the initiation and a place for initiated women to land.

You can read about the great mountains of work, the deep ravines of discussions and the meandering paths of decisions in our first blog on our site. But we wanted to share what it looks like and feels like a year on. What has been enabled through this work and where we go with it next.

We have been able to offer a really clear process for women to join each initiation by working with the registration team. We have heard the voices of those in the community through our blog and through our collection of honk newsletters over the last few years. We have ensured that women can hear about all the delicious things to do in the community from gatherings, to sweats, to being a member of staff. This year we hope to bring you news of gatherings, a wolf run in autumn and the ways to get involved.

If you have any doubt about whether you are welcome. Look no further than the website which tries to give a voice to our smallness and stands tall interlinking our tendrils between us. We are connected and we are a community whether you are alone today or not. There is a place for you here.