‘Muddy and Tear-streaked’ – Wolf Runner Su

We are a pack of 17 women running the Winter Wolf Run on Sunday 3rd November to raise money for two causes: the mental health charity MIND and the Women in Power (WiP) Bursary Fund. Please read our full story and donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/wip-wolf-run

Today we hear from Su who says that she’s running because:

‘Communities like WiP can be life affirming and a positive force for change and I believe that finances should not be a barrier to that.’

We raise money annually for the WiP Bursary Fund but this year is different; we are running and fundraising in honour of our sister and friend, Jayne Blackman, who died by suicide in 2018. We want to double our fundraising so that we can give to both organisations.

Taking on the Winter Wolf Run is no small feat. Each woman running is doing so for their own personal reasons as well as for our collective goal. We range in age from 5 decades, from different walks of life and represent the power of communal action.

Let’s hear more from Su

Ok so I’m running the Wolf Run for a few reasons…

Because I needed something to persuade me to get active, to use my body and give me some sustained motivation to get outdoors.

Because I love hanging out with groups of lovely women, supporting each other in a shared goal.

Because I believe that communities like WiP can be life affirming and a positive force for change and I believe that finances should not be a barrier to that – so the Bursary is essential!

Because a WIP woman once told me that her initiation, supported by the bursary, saved her life – true story.

Because last time I ran the Wolf Run I ran it with Jayne, who chose to end her life. My arms are still around her, muddy and tear streaked and loving.

Because I have had my own battles with mental health and care for many others who have had too and I recognise that MIND are doing some amazing things.

Because I recognise that committing to training for the Wolf Run will probably be good for my mental health… that’s self-care right there!

Because I personally sewed leopard print headbands and wristbands for the pack and they should definitely get a second muddy outing.

Because I love being unapologetically COVERED IN MUD, swimming in open water, holding slippery hands, cheering each other on and confusing the stewards with our animal print theme.

Because I remember the feeling and squealing after the BIG RED SLIDE – see video for more info.

Please donate here https://www.gofundme.com/f/wip-wolf-run and give what you can. For each donation, big or small, we thank you so much for helping us achieve our goal and giving back to organisations creating positive change in the world.

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