‘Really Scares Me’ – Wolf Runner Sophie

We are a pack of 17 women running the Winter Wolf Run on Sunday 3rd November to raise money for two causes: the mental health charity MIND and the Women in Power (WiP) Bursary Fund. Please read our full story and donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/wip-wolf-run

Today we hear from Sophie and the challenge it will be for her:

‘I’m genuinely excited by the idea of the mud and the obstacles – just need to learn how to run between them!’

We raise money annually for the WiP Bursary Fund but this year is different; we are running and fundraising in honour of our sister and friend, Jayne Blackman, who died by suicide in 2018. We want to double our fundraising so that we can give to both organisations.

Taking on the Winter Wolf Run is no small feat. Each woman running is doing so for their own personal reasons as well as for our collective goal. We range in age from 5 decades, from different walks of life and represent the power of communal action.

Let’s hear more from Sophie

I’m going to run the Wolf Run because, a while ago, I told another member of the team that I would do it, and haven’t forgotten that, nor have I forgotten my desire to raise money for two brilliant and important causes that change and support people’s lives.

Given I have not run since I discovered I could hide in the bushes to avoid the cross country at school, I’ve set myself a challenge to (a) learn how to run, and (b) to commit to training, to be ready for November. And it really scares me. I’m 49 and I’m not fit, and I’ve never done anything physical like this before – basically because I don’t know how to motivate myself to do so. And this run is going to motivate me to show up for myself, physically, and to ask for support in doing so. And alongside that, I’m genuinely excited by the idea of the mud and the obstacles – just need to learn how to run between them!

And I’m pleased to be running in Jayne’s memory. We need to talk about and normalise talking about mental health and pull it out of the shadows.
Here’s to the mud!

Please donate here https://www.gofundme.com/f/wip-wolf-run and give what you can. For each donation, big or small, we thank you so much for helping us achieve our goal and giving back to organisations creating positive change in the world.

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