Accommodation Guide


Your role is to map out the initiates’ and cos’ tents and keep a track of where women are sleeping. Make sure that this information is kept updated on the notice board for Unstone fire regulations and in case facilitators or staff coordinators need information about where Cos and initiates are sleeping.


1. Make sure you get a bedroom list for the staff coordinator on Tuesday when you arrive at the site. Check to see which Cos are sleeping at Unstone on Tuesday and post a list of Cos and rooms on the board outside the kitchen. This is essential for fire regulations. 

2. Make a list of Cos sleeping in the field on Tuesday night and post on the board with the above list. 

3. Update the bedroom and camping list for Cos by Wednesday dinner time and post updated list on the board. 


1. Ask the Staff Coordinator for a list of initiate letter names.

2. As the initiates arrive and set up their tents, make a map of the initiates’ tents. Walk around the camping field and draw out the position of all the tents and write the initiates’ letter names on each tent on your drawing. This is so that we can easily see where to find an initiate’s tent if we need to. If you cannot see an initiate’s letter label, simply ask her “What’s your name?’. If she gives you her street name, simply repeat the question “What’s your name?”. If she still doesn’t give you her letter name you can point to your own label and ask the question again. 

3. Get clear pocket sleeves and plain paper from materials.

4. Write the letter names of each initiate in VERY large letters on individual sheets and insert each sheet into a clear pocket. You should have one clear pocket for each initiate with her letter name on it. 

5. Securely tape the clear pocket to the correct initiate’s tent using duct tape so that the letters are clearly visible.

6. Post the map you have drawn on the board outside the kitchen next to the Cos’ camping and bedroom lists.

7. Once you have completed this job, please let the staff coordinator know. 

You can download this checklist here:

Download pdf here