Breakfast Hunt

Food is hidden (by cos with blindfolds) and women are woken and instructed to dress (still in essential silence) and meet around the fire.

  • Leader:

    As they come to the fire, BEGIN WITH PREDATOR CHI-GONG, YOGA, STRETCHES.
    Examples: Tigress climbs the tree; bear fords the stream; snake slithers through the grass; crane poises on one leg before piercing fish…

  • Song:

    We are One with the Power of the Web, HUNH
    We are hungry and we must fed, HUNH
    We cry soul food, soul food
    A woman’s heart needs inspiration
    Her nourishment sustains creation
    We are One with the Power of the Web, HUNH
    We are Hungry and we must fed, HUNH
    We cry Soul food, Soul Food
    A woman’s heart needs inspiration
    Her nourishment sustains creation

  • Once the women have all arrived five cos each give six women the sound the co has decided on.

    Each co gives five initiates a sound and hands her the blindfold to tie on to herself.

  • When giving the sound, step the woman away from the others so that only she hears the sound. Before the staff person leaves an initiate she should have the initiate try out the sound to ensure they have heard correctly so she will be able to find her pack!

  • The inititates practice their sounds quietly until all have a sound and blindfolds on. The hunt leader then tells everyone to begin vocalising her sound, moving carefully toward the sound when she hears it and finding her flock, her pack, her swarm, her school, etc.

  • Leader:

    ‘You now need to find your own kind. Use your sound to signal to the others where you are. Listen for their signals and move towards your swarm, pack, flock, pride etc.
    Lions – deep roar rrraruuhh Wolves – howl –awhooooo Wasps – buzz tzzzzzzzzz Owls – hoots (twit twooooh) Bear – groan-growl–chhuuuch

  • Once the initiates begin to move, staff ensure that no one goes too near to the fire. Once ALL have found their group they remove blindfolds and cos collect them. Cos stay nearby to help with hunt so initiates don’t stray too far in pursuit of their prey (breakfast).

  • Leader:

    Good predators, it’s time to hunt for your food. You and your kind haven’t eaten for a day. You have been resting, digesting, exploring your territory, nest building…
    Now you are lean, too lean, growing ravenous You feel the pangs of hunger.
You are in need of blood, you must prey on life to sustain you and your kind.
    You are now a hunting party for breakfast.
    The prey can smell your blood lust and they are hiding where they can’t be seen.
    Follow your instincts.
Smell them out.
    Notice the signs of disturbance where your nervous prey hides.
    Let your hunger guide you.
    Stay close to each other; work together.
 Let’s hear those sounds.
The prey is hiding in… (define the scope of the area where it is hidden). The prey is nowhere else. Begin your hunt. You only have a short time.
 Bring your prey back to the fire, uneaten.

  • Leader (when all are gathered):

    ‘In the sound of each species, all give an earth prayer for gratitude that life feeds on life’.

  • After initiates have eaten breakfast, welcome Elder Wolf.

© Jude Blitz
Typed with a few small additions by MM 24.04.15

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