Car Parkers

Be ready in the car park to receive the initiates when they arrive.


You will need one list of initiates’ names. You will also need a strong A5 envelope for each set of car keys and a basket to put the envelopes in.

As they arrive, tick each participant off the list. On the envelope write down:

  • the make, model and colour of the car
  • the registration number of the car
  • the name of the participant

When the keys are handed over to you, put them in the envelope and seal it.

When all car keys have been collected, take the envelopes and place safely in the Materials Room.

As the women arrive you say to them:

“Welcome to Women in Power!”

“Please park your car over there.
Take everything you were asked to bring for the weekend and place it on the tarp. Then bring us your car keys.
You will not have access to your car until you return from your initiation.
When you are finished, proceed to the woman over there (point them in the right direction).
Thank you, and welcome.”

You are the first contact the women have after the first greeter at the gate… They expect a warm welcome and are met with your clear, strong blank faces instead. It may be a shock for them. You need to be clear, minimal and strong in your instructions, questions and body language.

Do not offer your help, but you can tell them that there are wheelbarrows available if they need them.

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