"This experience has quite literally been the single most powerful journey of my life. The love and sisterhood that is modelled here is a blueprint for a healthy society." Jill



The UK Women in Power community is growing fast.

In December 2014 Women in Power UK was registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC): a not-for-profit business with a remit to provide development programmes to women of 23 and over that support their psychological healing and growth and help them identify and achieve their wants and needs.

The CIC has five unpaid Directors, each of whom serve for at least three years. To share the load, we aim to rotate our Directors, in line with the third of the “leadership lessons from geese”, which provide us with a template for women’s leadership. This is an important way to ensure a thriving and sustainable future for this community, one of WiP UK’s guiding principles.

The current Directors are Nicola Kurk (one of the original co-founders of Women in Power), Liz Remande-Guyard, Sophie Boss, Trupti Magecha and Susannah Buckingham. Many other women also give many hours of service to enable this work to grow and flourish, sharing their skills and giving their time in a wide variety of ways.

Once you have completed the initiation, there are many ways to stay in touch with the work and the community:

• support structures to ease your transition in the months after your initiation
• staffing future initiations (which is another initiation in itself)
• community gatherings
• fundraising events
• twice-yearly newsletters
• joining one of the core organising groups to help develop different aspects of our work
• creating or joining one of our local dens
• and who knows what other ideas you may come up with…

We look forward to welcoming you into this rich range of activities. Our aim is to deepen our understanding of ourselves and of what it is to be part of a growing community who all share the profound and life-changing experience of the Women in Power initiation. We believe that our world needs this work more than ever.


Diversity statement

WIP UK is committed to embracing and valuing difference of all kinds. We welcome women from all backgrounds and walks of life to our initiation and community, and strive not to discriminate on the basis of age, disability, class, ethnicity or race, religion and belief, sexual orientation, or any other category which may be used to divide. Our Diversity Group supports the organisation in putting this statement into practice and welcome suggestions of how we can make our community more diverse and inclusive.


We invite you to support a cause which makes an important and lasting impact on women’s lives. Maybe you have time and no money. Maybe you have money and no time. We welcome it all. You can donate at any time.

    We will only store and use this personal information to get back in touch with you. We do not share, distribute or lease this data.