Facilities Monitor

Your role is to make sure that the site’s facilities are kept clean, tidy and well stocked thought the weekend.

Your role is critical to the smooth running of the initiation. If the site becomes messy and disorganised, the chaos ripples out and disturbs the container.

Please check in with the Facilities Coordinator first thing in the morning. She will tell you anything you need to know. Throughout the day, check in with her if you have any questions or are unsure about anything.

This role takes priority over any other activities or processes going on in the day. Whatever else you are involved in, you will need to work around your other roles to ensure that you carry out the duties below on the day you are assigned.

Your specific jobs are:

  • Cleaning and stocking all the bathrooms and toilets – inside and outside and in the camping field.
  • Checking the outside kitchen and dining room after each meal to ensure that they are clean and tidy. If they are not, do what’s needed.
  • BEFORE EACH MEAL make sure that the outside kitchen is clear of washing up and that the washing up stations are ready: washing up bowls filled with soapy water, drainers clear of crockery and cutlery and washing-up liquid and brushes available.
  • Keeping the water urns filled up in the Dining Room and outside kitchen.
  • Keeping the tea stations, milk and teaspoons tidy and clean in the Dining Room and outside kitchen.
  • Making sure mugs are cleaned and restocked at both tea stations.
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You can download this checklist here:

Download pdf here