Gift of Life Ritual

The Gift of Life Coordinator

In charge of the following:

  • Organising and coordinating the preparation of foods and other materials ahead of the sensuality ritual so that each group has a tray containing each of the materials and foods to be used.
  • Working with the facilitator managing the session, coordinating with the staff members involved.
  • Ensuring that any participants with allergies are identified and their allergies and food preferences respected.


  • Purchase necessary food items.
  • Collect items for the trays.
  • Ask staff to bring items, if needed.
  • Items to have on hand: cotton buds, cotton wool pads, toothpicks, ice cube making bags, labels and marking pens.
  • Prepare eight trays for 16 Cos with items to tickle the senses. Each tray should have all the items needed for the exercise. Two staff women are assigned to each pod, and they share one tray between them. Food items should be cut up in small pieces.


SoundMusical Items: Bells, drums, combs to run your fingers along, crystal, prayer bowl, etc.
SmellEssential oils, flowers, fresh herbs, include something pungent or unpleasant. (Put essential oils on cotton buds)
TouchThink of textures; soft things, hard things, feathers, twigs, leaves, silk cloth, velvet, wool or sandpaper and ice cubes.
(Make in ice cube bags beforehand)
TasteSalty – Corn chips (Plain is best. Spicy is OK, but
 check ingredients, no msg)

Sour – Lemon
Fruit – kiwi, strawberries, apple, mango, melon. (Put the fruit on toothpicks)
Sweet – Chocolate - Ice Cream (on spoons)
SightMirrors are provided for this exercise. Find them in the Materials Room.

Identify any of the participants with allergies before the ritual begins. Use the labels to identify the person and write on the label the allergy, e.g. dairy, chocolate, wheat, corn, etc. Display the label on the individual in an obvious place so anyone giving them food can be aware. Point out the participant/allergy to the two staff members assigned to the woman in question.

This could definitely do with more clarity beforehand – it’s not just cutting things up and arranging the trays, etc., but the layout of the room, and the participants, the order in which the senses will be touched, that someone will keep time, that you’ve got more time than you think so don’t go too quickly, the use of the mirror and that these need to be set up beforehand as well; and that some people may react very emotionally – tears, fear, need to get up/get out, etc.

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