Hunger Guide

The Hunger Sensei challenges women to get in touch with their hungers:

What are you hungry for?

It is good to know these things. We women often try to feed our deep hungers in ways that don’t truly nourish us: abusing food, medicines, sex and intimacy, creating addictions. Most of all, we abuse ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Be mindful. There are many ways to nourish and honour yourself. Go and drink deeply of the earth and of yourself. We invite you to stay mindful of these hungers throughout the weekend. Become intimate with your wild, true nature.

She encourages them to drink lots of water. She also teaches the concept of moon time.

The Hunger Sensei will have made a chart of hungers – ways for the women to nourish themselves and another chart to explain moon time which she uses to illustrate what she is teaching them.

  • Sliver = 5 minutes
  • Quarter = 15 minutes
  • Half = 30 minutes
  • Full = 1 hour
  • New = now

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You can download this info here:

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