Innocent Ones

[music – use track #12 (on loop) from Childhood Remembered]

There is a long white cotton nightie for one of the Innocent Ones to wear, and a striped t-shirt to go with pedal pushers or shorts and cap for the other. Hair in bunches, if possible, to go with the nightie; barefoot, knees scuffed (to indicate having just climbed a tree) for the outdoor girl.

Props: gold cloth to hide under and sit/crouch on hand mirror

You will start out under the gold cloth at the edge of the room.

The Ritual Guide will gather the women in a circle. When the women close their eyes, you enter the circle (guide makes way for you), and you swiftly arrange yourselves on the ground in the centre under the gold cloth.

The guide will say something like:

Come into a circle and close your eyes. Connect with the part of yourself that is your young one, the one who is precious inside.

Open your eyes and connect with her.

We feel tears of joy as we welcome her. Take this time to honour her. Each one of us was born in this life precious. She reminds us that at some point you step in to go for what you want because you are worth it.

On her cue, you stand, allowing the gold cloth to slide off you, and look around the circle while the Guide talks.

Open your eyes and connect with her.

When it’s time, you will go to the women to the right of the Guide, take her hands and say words to this effect:

See All Job Roles

You can download this checklist here:

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“I am you. 
Do what you came here to do.
Do it for us. Find your gold.”

Each Innocent One will go to one woman in turn, moving in opposite directions around the circle until they meet each other again.

Then, each one takes the hand mirror and, at a fairly good pace, goes round the circle again, allowing each woman to see herself in the mirror.

When the women close their eyes again, gather your things and step out of the circle, moving back to your place at the edge of the room. Cover yourselves with the gold cloth again.