Fierce Protector – Previously Kali

The Dark Goddess

So this year you will be stepping into the role of Kali, the dark goddess…

What does Kali mean to you? How do you feel about this energy within yourself? Reflect on what comes up for you when you think of representing that clear, fierce energy for the women coming. Perhaps this is a familiar place for you, perhaps not. This is an opportunity to embody it for yourself, perhaps to be seen in a new way.

This is a role that takes stamina and energy, as you will be holding a focused energy in your role for the whole of the archetypes piece and the Sword Ceremony as well. Although you are sitting down for a lot of it, you need to remain in role as Kali throughout, as women will be watching you even whilst other things are happening. It is a magnetic place, so the women will be paying attention to you and the way in which you hold yourself. It can be an extended meditation for you, being filled with – and exuding – the energy of an eternal, clear, fierce goddess.

When you make direct eye contact with women, you are not feeling angry or confrontational, rather direct and clear. Looking upon the women rather than connecting with them emotionally wherever they are. Some women will not want to look at you, others will want to stare directly into your eyes for a long while. It can be good to move your gaze around fairly often, shifting eye contact slowly and not staying in one place for ages.

You might think about how to continue modelling the most positive parts of the Kali “setting a boundary” energy, the one who cuts away that which is not needed to free the energy for new growth, while relaxing a bit some of the super­fierceness.

There is a costume for you and you can bring anything additional that represents Kali for you (jewellery, etc.). You need to bring your own black short sleeved t­shirt. From Materials Room find the red trousers that WiP provides, a red scarf/ head band, 2 necklaces, a small silver belt, a dagger (Nicola’s), and red face paint.

Think about how you would like to use the face paints and ask for help from another Co if you would like. Perhaps decide on this and look at some Kali images online before you come to the weekend, as you won’t have much time to think it through on the day. Take a mirror with you if you will need it to apply the face paints.

Go to the Goddess Realm as soon as you hear the participants being drummed to snacks. Change into costume in the Goddess Realm. Bring a bag to put your black clothes in and give to the Co who will take all bags to the Materials Room where you will get changed again after the session. One of the facilitators will come to you, once you’re dressed and in position, to answer any questions.

When the initiates enter the Goddess Realm and walk around you are sitting on a chair by the side wall.

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You can download this checklist here:

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When you are in role you are alert and clear, not needing to act any particular way, but to be conscious of embodying your Kali energy more and more as the session progresses. As with the other archetypes, you don’t need to act in any way that is foreign or uncomfortable for you as Kali. You can be slow, deliberate, fierce. She knows herself; she knows what needs to be done; she engages eye contact and takes action without shame or regret; she trusts death. Before you arrive, it can be helpful to look at some martial arts sequences in which swords are used. Practise those movements whilst contacting your Kali energy.

The Kali piece

When it’s your time the facilitator will gather the women before you.

As she starts to speak, stand up and begin to move in front of the women demonstrating cutting away motions using the dagger and looking directly at the women. Walk around them a little to be able to make eye contact with different women.

Kali has skeletons at her waist. She is the one who will help you cut away from your ego self, so that you can be who you really are. She’s not the one to be taken lightly. She is the one who knows how to let what needs to die, die inside of you, so you can be who you really are.

How many women hold a rage inside and know that something needs to die – maybe something inside, maybe something outside? Feel it inside yourself. What needs to be cut? What are the old ways that no longer serve you?

As you see her and reject her power, what do you not get in your life because you have despised her? What has it cost you not to pick up the sword? What’s at risk if you don’t cut this away, if you don’t make this boundary? In a relationship/job/idea/belief system.

Sit back down at this point or stand still, continuing to hold the energy of Kali.

Walk around now with the gleam of Kali in your eyes. Show what she looks like. Show that fierceness. The part of you that can say “hands off.” You don’t need to make it up. We have enough rage inside us. Who here is pissed off? Make a sound from deep in your belly place. Did you make a vow never to be like this one? Who do you betray – what part of yourself do you betray? Did you make a vow not to be like this one because it was like someone else?
Call in your warrior. Find the warrior inside of you. Be a warrior. Be all the places of you that knows this – find the place that has a yes or a no. You might have a yes or a no. Feel it in your body. From your belly – keep it down in your belly.

[Raise the energy with drums and rattles. When it peaks, continue]

Close your eyes. Just feel that like energy. Not good or bad. Feel it in your body. How could this energy save you? Your solid yes. Your solid no. How could that energy save the world, your choices, your power. It’s just energy, women, and it’s yours. You choose.

We turn to Kali and honour her. She is needed on our planet right now. She’s not just about crushing skulls. She’s there for life and it’s clean. She holds a sword of truth. Are you ready to own it? She cuts with a knife and sets our souls free.

The Sword Circle

Kali needs to remain in role throughout the Sword Circle, seated on the Kali chair. She is asked for her sword at the beginning of the Circle and it is returned to her at the end. This is a long period of time, so make sure that you have cushions or whatever else you need to be comfortable and still during this time. After the Sword Circle the women are sent to dinner and you then go shower off the red paint and get changed, taking the Kali costume back to the Materials Room.

And now we turn to Kali. The dark goddess who knows that sometimes you have to let die what no longer serves you. The one who knows how to cut loose. Where do you need to set a boundary, women?