Materials Coordinator

Before arrival

  • Liaise with staff co-ordinator to clarify what is available on site, e.g. catering/outdoor equipment.
  • Check we have everything we need on the materials list before arriving at site.
  • Update sheet regularly as supplies are purchased.
  • Email all staff to gather other props we borrow, then co-ordinate what we need. (This can be items for carpet work, rugs, the archetype props. Refer to summary page of items borrowed from staff on materials list)
  • Confirm receipt of items from staff via email then update materials list.
  • Request staff label their items (prior to arrival) for ease of collection at the end of the programme.

On site

  • Organise materials area so you know what is where, including staff donations.
  • Keep items ‘zoned’, e.g. Those not needed until Saturday to stored be farthest away, items needed Thursday pm to be foremost.
  • Keep a copy of the materials list in the materials area for reference.
  • Have the necessary props readily available for each session (refer to programme in advance and prepare the necessary items)
  • Ensure props are returned and put back in their original places (request this from staff)
  • Regularly tidy the materials space after different parts of the programme have been completed. This helps to keep smooth running and makes it easier to find things.
  • Set up ‘lost property’ box for staff and another one for participants. Regularly check these towards the end of the programme to ensure items are returned or claimed.
  • Keep the area as clutter-free as possible to ensure safety and to make it easy to find materials.
  • Use a separate container for pens, scissors, tape, to stop Cos rummaging through the whole stationery box every time they want something.

Clear up

  • Ensure that the right materials go in the right boxes (boxes are labelled)
  • Liaise with Staff Coordinator and Site Coordinator for last check of site to collect up any remaining items.
  • Request staff take their personal materials and belongings from the materials room.
  • Inform Staff Coordinator of anything missing, and keep a list of things to buy for next year that were overlooked.
  • Update materials list for following programme.


Be in control, amiable and firm, and remain so all the way through the weekend! Stay calm when others panic!

Ensure that one materials co-ordinator is in the room as much as possible, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday for set up and between sessions. Take breaks when it’s quiet.

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