Greeters Replacing Names for Letters

You will have a list of names with a letter by each one. Some women’s names will be highlighted because they need to sign the waiver or pay some money. Send these women to do this before you take away their name.

You will have a sheet of sticky labels with initials on them.


What is your name?

To free you from your usual identity so that you may have a chance to sense a deeper self, we will call you by ___NN__ for a while.

You may call me _____________

Now you will be called ____________ (Hand her the sticky label with her letters on them). Put it where it will be seen at all times.

From now on until further notice everyone will observe essential silence, only speaking to answer staff questions. Do not engage in ordinary conversation.

Now take your gear (OR pick up your gear from the tarpaulin)

As you step through the gateway, be aware that you are stepping into the mystery. Do it deliberately.

This is the gateway to your initiation. Enter with intention. ”


Answers to their questions:

Trust the process
That’s ahead of you. 
You’ll know what you need to know.

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