"Our love is our power." Sara


Our Roots

Women in Power UK honours its lineage

The original co-founders were Sara Schley, ALisa Starkweather and Jude Blitz.

After Sara’s astute insight and call to explore women’s power through the lens of the Shadow Work® ‘predator’ archetype, the three collaborated over a year and came up with the original structure of the programme. Cliff Barry and Mary Ellen Whalen, founders of Shadow Work, gave consent for their brilliant predator process to be used as the foundation for the personal work that takes place in the initiation. 

ALisa’s creativity is woven throughout the programme’s design. Her unique contributions and teachings lie at its heart. Jude’s long work with women’s initiations and warriorship is fundamental. Janine Romaner and Nicola Kurk, both trainers and facilitators of Shadow Work, joined the founders’ team at the very first initiation in 2001, and contributed their expertise to build a container that could safely hold the power of the work. For many years Becky Schupbach has contributed tirelessly in her role as Executive Director and registrar in the US.

In 2005, Nicola Kurk brought Women in Power to the UK. She held the ground and, with full heart, has fostered a vital and growing community for over a decade.  

You can read more about each of the co-founders below. 

There has always been at least one co-founder present at every initiation, to ensure the programme stays true to the original founding principles and to support its evolution.

Every year women come from the US to facilitate on the programme and some women go from the UK to support the initiation in the US. New ideas and subtle reshaping of the programme flow back and forth across the Atlantic in an organic, dynamic way. There is close contact throughout the year between the US and UK communities. We hold deep gratitude for all the skills and gifts that have contributed to the evolution of this life-changing initiation.


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