Wild Woman


You need to bring your animal print sarong to wear, any other fur you can wear or whatever your ‘wild woman’ would feel good in. Nicola has a leopard-print bikini you can borrow.

Go to the Goddess Realm as soon as you hear the participants being drummed to snacks. Change into costume in the Goddess Realm. Bring a bag to put your black clothes in and give to the Co who will take all bags to the materials room where you will get changed again after the session. One of the facilitators will come to you, once you’re all dressed and in position, to answer any questions and help you get into role.

When the participants enter you are lying on the sheepskins, resting. At times during the session feel free to move around a bit; stretch, scratch etc., but without interrupting the focus of the initiates from the archetype being presented.

The Wild Woman piece

When it’s Wild Woman’s time, mingle and play with the initiates. Give them permission, through your example, of how wild, free and instinctual they can be.

Be guided by the facilitator’s instructions. Get into your wildness, your animal nature and interact with the participants from this place.

How many of you have wanted to be a wild woman? It’s time to walk on the wild side. She moves the way she wants. She doesn’t really care what anyone thinks of her. She’s sniffing around. She’s truly okay with her body, burping, scratching, farting are not a problem for her. She puts her head into some fun places.
She knows what she smells like and what you smell like. She knows the smell of fear. She knows who is bleeding. She has a nose for truth and she Knows. You can get into a lot of trouble by not following the wild woman.

She gets her own jokes – she is indifferent to whether we get it too. She is in the dreamtime. She is deeply instinctual and she invites us to be instinctual. She watches carefully, observes with clarity the truth of things. She expresses herself in her way, irrespective of society’s expectations. She says how it is for her, with no shame.

Sniff around. You can get down on all fours if you want. Smell out the ones who are afraid; and the ones you think you’d like to play with. So, who here would like to play a little? Have you got your instincts up? Feel your way into it. You might want to pull on someone’s shirt with your teeth. She is not interested in being polite, wild woman. Let your hair go, your voice go.

She doesn’t mind when things make a mess, she is comfortable with chaos. She is nature, with all its seasons. Can you feel her? She’s coming alive again. You started off with her. Feel where she lives now. She’s going to help us find our names.

When the facilitator indicates that this section is finished, settle in your area again. At the end the session the facilitators will indicate when it’s time to leave, which is just before the initiates do the meditation to find their animal name. Go get changed and return to the Materials Room any costumes that you’ve borrowed.

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