Fire Transform Me

Fire Transform Me…

We did it! And we raised over £1600 for the bursary fund – AMAZING. A huge thank you to the courageous firewalkers and the generosity of everyone who gave money and support.

Check out the photos HERE. (Please note there are no photos of the actual firewalking because we needed all our focus and intention on the ritual itself)

Julie, who fabulously visioned and organised the fundraiser, writes:

” Fire is the energy of transformation. In March 2015, thirteen WiP women walked over fire to raise money for the WiP UK bursary fund. Women came from all over the UK and gathered in a field in the South Downs National park on a cold spring afternoon. Together with a group of other women connected to the Red Tent community in the local area we built the fire and made our intentions for the Firewalk, which was led by Eva & Maz, our inspiring facilitators.

We raised the energy with drumming and dancing; so that when the moment came we were ready to step onto the glowing embers.

The Firewalk can serve as a symbol of transcending the fears that we confront in our day to day lives. There was a sense of elation, freedom and power after taking part in this shared ritual and we raised over £1600 for the WiP bursary fund.”

The WiP firewalkers were: Julie Rawnsley, Karen Packwood, Karen Higgins, Sam Elvyhart, Fererica Stelli, Renee Mann, Roberta Thompson, Cali White, Lucinda, Liz Remande-Guyard, Edwina Turner and Aisha Hannibal.

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