Meet the Pack 2015

Wolf Run 2015 – Meet the Pack!

On Sunday 6th September a brave and hardy group of 5 women, led by Gemma Tracey, will tap into their wild strength and participate in the Wolf Run to raise money for the Women in Power Bursary Fund. The Wolf Run is a 10km wild run involving obstacles, water and lots of mud.

Last year a pack of fabulous women did the run and raised a fantastic £2300 for the bursary fund, and had lots of fun doing it. If you take a look at the pictures you will immediately understand why this year’s couldn’t resist the muddy challenge.

We are hoping to have fun, stretch ourselves physically, support each other round the course, and, most importantly, raise money for the bursary fund so that money isn’t an obstacle for women wanting to experience the Women in Power initiation.

Would you like to support us? Yes?! Here’s how:

Make a donation to the bursary fund by clicking on the big red DONATE button at the top of this page. (Your money will be added to the total which is a running amount since Sept 2014)

If you’d rather not use PayPal you can donate directly into the fund’s account: (W.I.P. Bursary Fund, UK Sort Code: 08-92-99, A/C No: 65672910)

Here’s what your donation means to us …

* £5 – HOWL, we can’t get started without you

* £10 – it’s like buying energy bars for the whole pack!

* £25 – a muscle-enhancing donation that will get us through the mud

* £50 – you have earned a muddy hug from the whole pack

* £100 – the hot personal trainer of donations. We have no words.

We appreciate every donation and the money will go directly towards bursaries for women.

Want to cheer and howl for the Wolf Run pack? We would LOVE you to come and support us on the day and celebrate with us afterwards! Join us on Sunday 6th September in Warwickshire – contact Eleanor by emailing and we’ll send you times/details.

Want to get to know the runners? Here is this years team, in all of their not-yet-muddy glory:


Gemma Tracey: “I am running the Wolf Run both to support the Women in Power community and to feel more a part of the community myself. I know I will need the support of my sisters to get round the course, and I know it will all be worth it when we raise money for the bursary fund. Whitney Houston “I want to dance with somebody” is what gets me motivated to do sit-ups and one more plank at the gym. So I’ll be listening to that as I run around my local park to train. And if someone could lovingly shout “ you can do it” and “I’ve got a glass of wine ready for you” as I face all that mud, I’d be most grateful.”


Kate John: “I am definitely not a runner, well not for the past 50 years anyway! But I felt so inspired by those running on behalf of Women In Power in the Wolf Run last year, and thought that it was about time I gave it a go! I have been involved with Women in Power since 2008, and deeply appreciate having this fantastic group of women in my life. I love the work, its powerful and gritty, and helps me to keep true to myself. It would be great to raise some funds to help others become part of it too. I’m loving the training already, and really looking forward to running with this year’s Pack. I want my family to cheer us over the finishing line, and a big tub of Joe’s ice cream (a Swansea delicacy!!)”


Zannah Palmer: “I’m doing the Wolf Run as it looks like a fun challenge that I’m looking forward to doing as a team and it’s for an important cause.”

This year it’s particularly exciting to be joined by two good friends of the team who support the work of WiP and wanted to help us fundraise:


Ellie John: “I’m taking part in the Wolf Run because it looks like a fun challenge and has been motivation to get fit. It’s been great to train alongside my Mum (Kate), and I’m happy to run to support a cause that I know is important to her. I’m looking forward to having the excuse to get muddy!”


Agnes Ashbell: “I didn’t get in to WiP this year but I will be applying again next year and will be applying for a bursary so I want to help raise money before I go! I like running and getting muddy but after having both my children I don’t get out to run much anymore and want it back again so this is a good way to do it. At the end of the run I would really like a clean pair of pants…”

So there you have it. What a team!! PLEASE SUPPORT US!! Thank you in advance and we hope to see some of you on the day.