"It is right there inside you; everything you could ever need. You have forgotten, but it is not lost. Here, you will remember." Emma

4 Places available for women from the global majority


Our intention is to hold an initiation with 50% of places for women of the global majority and 50% of places for white women. This is part of the next step in our anti- racism work. We acknowledge that, at this stage, the co-creators (the staff women who hold the initiatory space) are predominantly white. Women in Power is actively committed to ongoing anti-racism work.


There are 4 places currently available for women from the global majority.

All places for white women are taken with a long waiting list.

28 places were assigned by a recorded and anonymised lottery on Monday 27th February 2023. 12 places were allocated to women of the global majority and 16 places to white women.

If you are a woman from the global majority and you would like to attend the September initiation, please email Sue at wipregistrar@gmail.com

If you have been allocated a place, you will be contacted to complete a more detailed form providing us with more information about you and you will be asked to pay a deposit.

If were are not allocated a place your name will be kept on a waiting list based on the lottery draw and you will be contacted should a place become available.



Our sisters in French speaking parts of Europe hold WIP FAM (Women In Power - Femmes au Monde) French speaking initiations.

About Women in Power

This programme has been running in the UK since 2005. Over a thousand women have been initiated since the programme began in the United States.

Women in Power is a not-for-profit organisation. We create and deliver an initiation experience for women. The initiation gets to the heart and the roots of what it takes to be a strong, effective woman living a full life within the wider world.

Our intention is to bring healing to the world by walking a new path that affirms all life – even, paradoxically, the life of our inner and outer ‘enemies’. We create a safe space in which women can create a new relationship to the victim/perpetrator paradigm. We help women to uncover and reclaim their deep, wild nature.

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Our Principles

  • We have an ever-deepening understanding of and experience with the predator/prey circuitry as it plays out in human dynamics
  • We celebrate, honour and nurture diversity in each and every woman
  • We act on the principles we teach within ourselves and with each other
  • We take time to appreciate our work and each other’s contributions
  • We welcome the darkest, most shamed parts of ourselves and others for healing
  • We foster transparency in decision-making, funding and communication to enable the vibrant and continuous evolution of our community

"Healing: it ain’t pretty, but it can be beautiful." Terri


Our ability to give depends on the amount of money raised by the community each year. We aim to support several women with some of the cost of each initiation. To receive a bursary, you need to make an application once your place is confirmed.

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Step into the unknown in order to truly know yourself. For thousands of years and in many different cultures, men and women have faced ritual challenges in order to gain their true maturity and place in their community. This is our invitation. This is your opportunity.

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There are hundreds of initiated women in our community who live in the UK and abroad and many different ways to connect with them. These will all become available to you once you have been through the programme. We are waiting to welcome you.

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Everything we sell is created by us to raise money for bursaries. Our gorgeous products showcase the rich and varied creativity within our community, spread the word about our work and keep women in touch with the experience they had when they came through the programme.

Our packaging and products are all environmentally friendly.



We invite you to support a cause which makes an important and lasting impact on women’s lives. Maybe you have time and no money. Maybe you have money and no time. We welcome it all. You can donate at any time.

    We will only store and use this personal information to get back in touch with you. We do not share, distribute or lease this data.